iTravelGuides   will launch with guides for Belize and Grand Cayman very soon followed by guides for Bonaire, Bahamas, Cozumel, Grenada, St.Kitts, Riviera Maya Mexico and Dominica. More great locations are in the works.


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The introduction video in the iTravelGuides   will highlight the interaction inside to make the most of your guide.


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iTravelGuides   are interactive guides that let you experience the destination before you go. Once you download the guide you won’t need internet to view the videos or enjoy other interactions. A Wifi, 3g or 4g connection is required to explore the URL links within the guide.


We are a digital publishing company, providing enhanced ebooks primarily on travel and tourism. Enhanced ebooks, or electronic books, contain embedded video, graphics, 3D modeling and audio / musical tracks to provide entertainment and enhance the readers experience.

All video, both above and below the surface, are shot in high definition offering the reader a quality visual experience as well as audio / musical sounds native to each destination. Highlighting these senses, while reading about each destination, provides the reader with a virtual visit and the iTravelGuides  video and graphic components provide the interactive experience iPad users have come to expect.

iTravelGuides  are currently sold exclusively through the Apple iBook store for the iPad.

We publish ebooks directly with Apple and are available to work with you on your project, large or small, to publish an enhanced ebook for you.